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Love Your Enemies

"But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you" - Jesus of Nazareth, as recorded in Matthew 5:44 (NIV translation)

This site is devoted to proclaiming one of the most radical - and most ignored - teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. It calls on all followers of Jesus (that is, Christians) to preach and practice Jesus' command to love our enemies.

To learn more about the principles and aims behind this web site, read the FAQ.

After a section on Theology - Why we should love our enemies, this web site contains two main applications:

  1. Pacifism Why "Love Your Enemies" is a call for Christians to renounce war.

  2. Free Borders Why people should be free to move to the country of their choice.


"Love your enemy". What's there left to explain? Well not a lot. But there are a couple of objections which need to be dealt with:

For more on the theology and practice (mainly at the personal level), see links to other writers on the theme of 'Love Your Enemies'

War and Peace

"Love Your Enemies" certainly points the Christian to a pacifist position; although a position of complete pacifism is difficult to maintain.

Is War Ever Justified? An examination of common arguments Christians use to justify war.

The Misuse of Romans 13 A detailed examination of one of the Bible passages most commonly used to justify Christians supporting war.

"Jesus told his followers to buy a sword." The one New Testament passage which may justify the use of violence in self-defence.

Bible Verses to Think About War lists the five Bible passages which I believe should guide a Christian's thinking about war and peace.

Christian Pacifism links (pro- and anti-)

Why the "War on Terrorism" was wrong

Why there (should have been) no war on Iraq


In Free Borders - An idea whose time will come. I outline a policy of free migration, a radical solution to the growing world problems of refugees and people smuggling.

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